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Supply chain insight, from grower to retailer

We create innovative software for the food supply chain. This gives our customers insight into the performance of their suppliers on the quality, compliance and provenance of their products. With greater transparency from grower to retailer our customers can mitigate risk and improve efficiency for the benefit of all stakeholders; contributing to a more sustainable future for food and farming.

Quality Management nowadays is not just about having a great tool like the GLOBALG.A.P. database or Muddy Boots’ Greenlight Supplier Approval; it’s about getting companies and systems to talk to each other. If we are going to manage all this data on a global scale, keep it up-to-date and save time and resources in the process, we need intelligent systems and we need intelligent people who work together to ensure that we are all operating in the most efficient way possible.

Ben Horsbrugh, Director of Quality Management, UNIVEG Group

By introducing the sustainable initiative to fresh produce, our communication down the supply chain has significantly improved. We now know how many suppliers we have, their locations and what they are supplying to us; this level of transparency is key to that drive for sustainability.

Andrea Granier, Procurement Operation Manager, Sustainable Sourcing, Unilever

Greenlight Assessments helps us capture our audit data more efficiently and has cut out all the duplication that took place with our previous paper checklist system. The automatically generated and uploaded reports and results are now easily accessible. Without Quickfire from Muddy Boots we would have struggled to manage compliance on behalf of all of our outgrowers.

Francis Murumbi

The M&S brand depends on the quality of our products. M&S ‘Field to Fork’ and Muddy Boots is key to helping us maintain the highest standards with our suppliers and a core element in meeting our Plan A corporate and social responsibilities.

Paul Willgoss, Head of Technology, Marks and Spencer

The advantage of being a cloud-based system means that at any point in time, our customers, producers and food processors can access the latest information and share this with the relevant people immediately, instead of having to rely on a phone call or email which may be missed. This improved collaboration will save significant amounts of time and therefore costs for everyone on this new platform.

Lewis McKerrow, Agronomist and Head of Precision/Technology, Agrovista

Greenlight QC from Muddy Boots has given Coles first class product quality monitoring and performance reporting capability. This helps us focus our efforts in partnership with our suppliers, to achieve our objective as Australia’s leading supermarket for quality produce

Jackie Healing, Head of Quality, Policy and Governance, Coles Supermarkets

The improved visibility of both supply chain approvals and the expiry of due diligence documentation ensures that we always know the status of our suppliers and supply chains.

Jamie Chambers, Head of Technical, Wealmoor

Traceability, quality assurance and compliance is paramount for the products destined for our shelves. Muddy Boots’ dashboard capability gives teams a real-time view of the performance of our supply base. We can now view site, supplier and product performance in one place, which has enabled us to drive significant efficiencies through waste reductions, and identify and mitigate risk from our supply chain.

Hugh Mowat, Head of Quality - Produce and Horticulture, Morrisons Supermarkets

Working closely with the development team at Muddy Boots, we now have a fully functional supplier approval matrix for our intake teams to confirm that all deliveries are within specification and possess a full set of due diligence documentation.

Lauren Dimmack, Procurement, Orchard House Foods

Greenlight Grower Management provides time savings through one time data entry, and cost savings through better efficiencies. If you are working more efficiently, you are less likely to miss out on opportunities to get your timings right. This gives us an edge in the marketplace. Because of our use of Greenlight Grower Management and MyFarm, farmers can see we have IT solutions in place for their data management, helping them make decisions that are right for their business.

James Moldon, Crops Inputs Commercial Manager, Frontier

Our Customers

UNIVEG Group uses Greenlight Supplier Approval to work in the most efficient way Driving Sustainability Agenda with Suppliers Managing Large Numbers of Small Scale Growers Audit management transformed by Greenlight Assessments Agrovista collaborates with farmers, producers and food processors Muddy Boots wins the Coles I.T. Vendor of the Year Award Easily and Efficiently manage compliance data with Greenlight Supplier Approval Morrisons transforms real-time decision making across the food supply chain Orchard House improves supply chain visibility with Greenlight Supplier Approval Frontier harnesses software to work more collaboratively with customers

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