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Manage the whole farm in the palm of your hand

Solutions for Growers

Working in environments that often span vast areas, with employees and stakeholders who are spread out across the land, farmers and growers need a farm management tool that can instantly connect them and keep them up to date with the changeable information they need to run the farm efficiently.

Greenlight Grower Management lets farmers and agronomists record and share crop records, fertiliser and nutrient plans and much more.

With the ability to map fields and overlay key data, you really do hold the farm in your hand. And, because it's cloud based and available in both desktop and mobile formats, your information can be shared with whoever you like at the click of a button, or the tap of a screen.

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Solutions for Agronomists

Working with multiple customers in environments that often span vast areas, agronomists need a farm management tool that instantly connects them with their grower clients and allows them to share information around pest management, spray and nutrient plans and activity, in real time.

Greenlight Grower Management provides a detailed picture of a fields' crop status and really helps the agronomist to analyse crop health, assess the prevalence of a disease across a wide area, predict the likelihood of infection and to take preventative action.


Spray or nutrient plans developed in the field can be shared with the farmer and contractor to apply and privacy settings ensure that only authorised users can view and make changes to the plans. 

With the ag-chem ordering module, agronomists can instantly order from their supplier and facilitate speedy delivery when needed. 

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Having access to a wealth of reports and data that inform and direct future farm activity, ulimately helps to improve the overall performance of the farm and to keep the bottom line healthy. 

Muddy Boots is unique in this sector in that we operate at entry level of the supply chain from grower to retailer, giving us insight and understanding of the challenges that face the food industry.

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