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Your one-stop-shop for managing, monitoring and maintaining the quality of your food products, from grower through to retailer

With over 20 years' experience in the fresh food sector, we have developed a suite of software solutions that allows data to pass up and down supply chains from farm to retailer, providing insight that enables customers to instantly view, manage and report on the quality, traceability, and compliance of their products and suppliers.

Whether you're a Farmer, Agronomist, Supplier/Processor or Retailer/Brandholder, pick up the phone or email us to talk to one of our agricultural and supply chain experts. You'll find our details on our contact page. Alternatively, select one of the options below to find out more about how our software solutions can help you.

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With great data comes great power

23rd August 2019

By Mark Phelps

Revealing the value of the data you generate to improve your business Read more >

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Unilever - On Sustainability

5th June 2019

By Mark Phelps

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