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Visualise and analyse your data in just a few clicks

Data discovery and analytics, at your fingertips

Insights is our data discovery and analytics tool that allows you to unlock the true value of your data through fast analytics and smart dashboards. It allows you to visualise and analyse your data in just a few clicks. This new functionality, powered by Tableau, is currently available to Greenlight Quality Control customers. 

The volume of data captured within Greenlight Quality Control is vast. It is therefore really important that our customers are provided with a fluid and flexible data analytics tool to help them quickly and easily answer the questions they have relating to their business. 

Insights is capable of analysing any data set, specific to each customer’s needs. It takes data visualisation to another level, and allows you to drill deep into your data in order to drive business decisions. You can analyse and easily interpret large data sets over multiple years so it becomes easy to spot trends or seasonal issues, for example, and subsequently be more responsive when problems arise.

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Increase efficiencies

Quickly and easily access the data you want, when you want it, so the days of analysing Excel exports are gone.

Create customised reports and easily share them with your stakeholders; significantly reducing the time spent on admin.





Mitigate risk

Analyse historic data to easily spot problematic areas or seasonal trends.

Become more proactive with your data analysis to save time, money and reputation.




Reduce waste

Identify your best and worst performing suppliers, and put improvement plans in place.

Share best practice across your supply base, and establish common issues that can be rectified.





Become data driven

Remain in control by subscribing to alerts and dashboards.

Set parameters, and receive automatic alerts when anything falls outside of those. 

Receive forewarning of an impending issue, and monitor and resolve the problem.



Insights Core

Insights Core is automatically available to any Greenlight Quality Control customer with 5 or more mobile users. All other Greenlight QC customers are able to upgrade their subscription to include Insights.

Here is some of the functionality you will benefit from:

  • Flexible, interactive reporting
  • Trending and seasonal analysis over entire data sets
  • Corrective actions performance
  • Displaying country of origin performance on a map
  • Shelf-life performance
  • Export of raw data to Excel/CSV
  • Access to dashboards on iOS app

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Insights Advanced

Upgrade to the Insights Advanced Package and unlock even more value in your data, with additional data sources, bespoke reporting and significantly more functionality. 

Benefit from everything in Insights Core, plus:

  • Defect and attribute level trending
  • Advanced supplier performance over time, down to grower performance and supplier benchmarking
  • Location performance and resource utilisation views
  • Reporting on temperature specifications and assessment/QAS configuration
  • Subscribe to regular dashboard feeds via email

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Insights Self-Serve

Upgrade to Insights Self-Serve and transform the way you make decisions about your business. Create your own custom dashboards and views, and hone in on the data that is important to you.

Benefit from everything in Insights Core, plus:

  • Connect to Muddy Boots managed data sources
  • Create custom/calculated fields
  • Add filters and sorting
  • Create custom views and dashboards
  • Change chart type, colours, labels and tool-tips
  • Add trend lines, reference lines and brands
  • Save, publish and share views
  • 1 day of training/consultancy per year

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It is all about providing customers with the tools to transform their data into something actionable and valuable to their business. 

Our customers have benefitted from the speed at which they can now access and analyse their data; its ease of use; and the granular detail of being able to visualise problems relating to seasonality, location, poor performing suppliers, and so on.


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