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Muddy Boots Software is helping businesses of all sizes across Australia and New Zealand secure long–term success through the continual improvement of quality management processes in their supply chain. Using our cloud-based Greenlight Quality Control and Compliance software, these fast, easy to use and affordable systems equip teams with the tools to consistently deliver high quality products and set them apart from their competition.

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Australian supplier maintains product rejections at <0.5% using Muddy Boots technology

"Since implementing the Greenlight Quality Control software by Muddy Boots that is 'plugged in' to our retailer, we have been able to reduce our rejection percentage to around 0.5% or below, we have achieved one of the lowest rejection rates of any produce supplier to our retailer for the past couple of years."

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Greenlight Quality Control. Software to achieve end to end accuracy and consistency across your supply chain.

Greenlight Supplier Approval. Streamline your management of supplier due diligence and compliance.

Greenlight Grower Management. Mobile farm management software linking up agronomists, farmers and contractors.

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Muddy Boots Software works with systems of leading brands

Greenlight Quality Control is the only software integrated with the quality system of one of Australia's major retailers, Coles Supermarkets

Improve response times and streamline QC processes.

Greenlight Supplier Approval, integrates with the GLOBALG.A.P. database

Sync certificate and supplier information directly from the GLOBALG.A.P. database.

Greenlight Quality Control integrates with a global leader in supply chain cold storage.

Gain greater assurance and visibility of product temperature conditions during transportation - preventing loss and preserving product quality.

Team Members Australia and New Zealand

Jason Considine

General Manager

Nick Page

Service Delivery Manager

Tracey Kelly-Jenkins

Marketing & Communications

David Wadeley

Application Support

Brittany Andreola

Application Specialist



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