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Transparency & Traceability for Food Supply Chains. Greenlight QC by Muddy Boots Software is a dynamic view of all your Food Safety and Quality Control operations on a single centralised system, in real-time. Manage safe parameters at every point of your supply chain and respond swiftly to any non-conformance, protecting your Customers, your Products and your Brand.

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Certified by HACCP Australia

Greenlight Quality Control is the first electronic Food Safety Management system in Australasia, designed specifically and exclusively for the management of whole food safety systems, to carry the HACCP Australia certification mark, the ultimate endorsement in food safety.

"Muddy Boots' Greenlight Quality Control impressed our evaluation team with its ability to handle complex food safety system requirements within a simple, user-friendly interface.

The system encourages and supports operators to perform their tasks properly, and provided all the information that quality and food safety managers need in a secure and easy-to-access format."

- Mr. Clive Withinshaw, Director of HACCP International.

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Farm and Crop Management


Next Generation Farm & Crop Management for Growers and Agronomists.

The latest technology to take farm management to a whole new level. Share crop and farm records in real-time, from any location. Everyone, including operators and contractors, can always be working from the same up-to-date information.

Greenlight Grower Management gives you access to capabilities including precision farming, weather forecasting, farm financials, harvest functionality, multi-farm cropping and much more...

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Food Manufacturing

'Great day at the office testing our new Greenlight system by Muddy Boots Software. Our new electronic system is a fantastic piece of technology. The implementation was incredibly simple with minimal distruption to our teams.'
- Russell Cawdron, Technical Manager, WM Morrisons Manufacturing.

Muddy Boots Software customer for over 5 years and UK's second largest food manufacturer.


Optimal Visibility and Traceability to track products and suppliers using automated processes.

Integrate a single device or a full range of equipment across your plant floor for a powerful interconnected management system.

Powerful Reporting Tools by Tableau to uncover hidden insights and easily communicate to your stakeholders, helping improve your bottom line.

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Fast, Affordable and Reliable information exchange for all stakeholders up and down the supply chain, facilitating the identification and potential recall of affected goods as quickly as possible.

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Rest easy that your products are legal, safe and of the highest quality for your customers.

Fresh Produce

'Tropicana Banana have strict quality specifications that our own farms and suppliers must adhere to. Together with Muddy Boots I was able to fully configure Greenlight to exactly what I required.

One of the biggest benefits is the Supplier Profile Report. I get a clear one page analysis of any supplier issues at a glance. I can email this to our suppliers for them to address quickly.' Dom Arcella, National Marketing Manager

Tropicana Banana delivers approximately 1.5 million cartons of top quality bananas to Australians every year.'

Dom Arecella

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Inspectors found serious non-compliance with food hygiene regulations, all production has been suspended.

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