Pesticide Manager by Muddy Boots

Take control of your supply chain pesticide usage

Gain visibility of pesticides in your supply chain

As a module of Greenlight supplier approval, Pesticide Manager provides a very similar user interface and utilises the same supply chain architecture to generate significant efficiencies for organisations already using Greenlight Supplier Approval.

Connecting via the cloud, your supply chain partners can create, share and monitor PPU’s in a more efficient and collaborative way. With easy access to this data, you can quickly identify and mitigate any risks, giving you and your customers the confidence that your supply chain is meeting their standards.

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Increase efficiencies

Any supply chain member can submit a Proposed Pesticide Usage (PPU) for your approval.

Automatically vaildate PPU's against your own custom protocols or other legally approved databases.



Mitigate risk

Ensure pesticide usage within your supply chain conforms to customer requirements.

A full audit trail facilitates data integrity and provides your due diligence.




Increased visibility

Acess to international databases allow you to quickly check whether a proposed chemical is safe and approved to be applied.





We adopted the integrated Pesticide Manager module, which operates within Greenlight Supplier Approval to automatically validate compliance and pesticide data across our farming base. 

This innovative development allows us to drive environmental optimisation on farm and reduce our ecological footprint whilst maintaining quality and availability for our customers.

Alan Wilson
Technical Manager Agronomy

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