East Riding Crop Consultancy Ltd.

Safe and compliant audited recommendations with Greenlight Grower Management

Andrew Beeney is employed by East Riding Crop Consultancy Ltd as their sole independent Agronomist. With over 30 years advising his clients, he covers over 4,000ha of combinable and root crops.

Up until 3 years ago, Andrew was writing out recommendation sheets for his clients by hand. These were becoming more difficult to use to keep up with new regulation. Greenlight Grower Management was just coming to market and Andrew already liked the intuitive ease of use of the software. This, paired with the ability to use it on both his iPhone and iPad out in the field, made the cloud-based software stand out.

Greenlight Grower Management has aided Andrew to enhance the way he operates, “I have already improved both my personal and client record keeping. I am looking forward to more of my clients using Greenlight Grower Management for themselves, especially so they can use it to understand their costings and what I, as an independent agronomist, am saving them.”

The greatest impact of the software solution for Andrew has been for him to have full confidence that the recommendations he records are safe and compliant with new regulations, thus ensuring his already brilliant reputation.

“I have full confidence in my recommendations, the recording of them in the cloud and the auditing of them before sending to my clients. Greenlight Grower Management has brought agronomists into the 21st Century.”

Andrew Beeney, Independent Agronomist, East Riding Crop Consultancy Ltd.

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