MMG Citrus

Significant time savings and increased accuracy

As a supplier to some of the UK’s most prestigious and popular retailers, MMG Citrus drive and develop their customers’ citrus sales through what they describe as a combination of innovation and strategy expertise.

Thanks to their parent companies, MMG Citrus have unrivalled access to farms and grower cooperatives. Sharing facilities and transporting bigger volumes with fewer movements, the company have streamlined the supply chain, which ultimately results in a more economical crop; helping to forge ever stronger relationships with growers.

This streamlined approach is being aided by Greenlight Assessments from Muddy Boots Software. Here, Sourcing Technologist, Stephanie De Wit explains how the App version, in particular, has helped reduce time and improve accuracy:

“Before using this software, my paper based audit would take in excess of 4 hours, depending on the intensity of the site. I would then have a distance to travel, so chances were slim that it would be loaded the same day. An upload to the system would often take me a further 3 hours and then I would have to browse through photos just to confirm my findings.

“With the Greenlight Assessments iPad App, the audit can be completed on site and immediately submitted, so there is no delay in sharing this important information. The App is so intuitive that I can complete the audit without any difficulty, and I have not required any training to use it – I was amazed at just how easy it is to use".


"The iPad App saves me at least 3 hours, and I find it much more accurate and honest - I love the fact that it's ready to go and I can immediately upload photos of the site and documentation, which gives the audit much more validation".

Stephanie De Wit, Sourcing Technologist, MMG Citrus

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