McCreath, Simpson & Prentice

Using Grower Management to share real time decisions whilst out in the field

McCreath Simpson and Prentice (MSP) is the agricultural merchanting division of Simpsons Malt, a family-owned maltster supplying malt to Brewing and Distilling customers around the globe. MSP forms part of the supply chain with their own merchanting department who advise and supply seed, fertiliser and agrochemicals to partner growers.


MSP required a field recording system to provide audited, accurate recommendations for sprays and fertiliser for their growers. Another key requirement for MSP was the ability to share data amongst their own internal teams, and then extract this data for traceability purposes. This fulfills the requirement for transparency, visibility of best practice and adherence to standards for their supply chain.


David Cairns, Agrochemical/Grass Seed Director at MSP, commented on the reasons why they chose Greenlight Grower Management (GLGM), “The key reasons behind us choosing GLGM was the ease of use, auditing of recommendations, the simple reporting structure, and regular developments by Muddy Boots to enhance the system.


“With GLGM we have the ability to provide reliable, accurate, audited recommendations and have real time information readily available to our agronomy team when in the field. It also allows us to utilise more mapping and GPS technology than before.”


Some of the team faced a big change in the initial switch over from CropWalker, Muddy Boots' legacy software, as they were so used to the previous system. However with GLGM's intuitive interface, it wasn't long before their users appreciated the benefits and ease of use of the system. MSP now plan to share the platform with their growers to enable the two-way information sharing as a next step.


The greatest positive impact for MSP so far has come through the ability to oversee all of the field team’s recommendations, analyse the data and achieve accurate forecasting and planning. David continues, “Using the app when field walking has enabled us to provide inspection reports to justify, validate and report on recommendations for product use or why corrective actions are required. Growers can also confirm applications in real time through the system, keeping the agronomy team informed of all completed sprays. They can then make rapid decisions if anything needs changing.


“All field data is in one place and in one format, allowing us to easily evaluate and measure the performance of recommendations and programs against yield and quality.”


“This is a really great system and we encourage growers to utilise it for effectively recording live crop details.”

David Cairns, Head of Agrochemical Division, McCreath Simpson & Prentice

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