Working collaboratively with Greenlight Grower Management

With turnover in excess of £220 million, Hutchinsons has grown to become one of the UK’s leading agricultural and horticultural agronomy and input companies. Hutchinsons takes a dynamic, innovative approach to supporting grower clients in the production of quality crops and food in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Hutchinsons employs more than 400 people, more than half of which are directly involved with the provision of professional agronomic services, supported by the latest technology.

As a business, Hutchinsons have increasingly moved over to cloud-based solutions to help utilise the investment in mobile hardware that they have made in recent years. Commenting on this, Lewis McKerrow, Digital Farming Manager with Hutchinsons, said “with Greenlight Grower Management (GLGM) we now have a system that allows us to work in a collaborative fashion. This can be between agronomist and farmer, or even where we have a need for more than one agronomist to work on the same site, such as our new entrant agronomists who train alongside a senior agronomist”.

Hutchinsons has worked with Muddy Boots software for many years, mainly in the use of their legacy CropWalker system which served the business well. This relationship has given Hutchinsons confidence in the Muddy Boots team to deliver the solutions and services demanded, whilst also being very cooperative in working on projects where there are particular requirements. Mr McKerrow further comments “the key reasons we have chosen GLGM are predominately two-fold; it is an easy to use cloud-based platform which is key to the efficiency of our agronomists; it also gives assurance to our agronomists and clients that the recommendations we provide are compliant with pesticide labels.

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“With the combination of GLGM and our own Omnia nutrient management and precision farming software, our aim is to be able to offer an unrivalled software solution to growers”. An important part of this is the seamless data transfer between the two systems, something that has only been made possible by the web-based technology behind both Omnia and GLGM.

Hutchinsons have found the adoption of the software to be a positive one. In any business the change from long standing programs can be a challenge but, with the intuitive user interface of GLGM, the roll out across the business ran smoothly. Agronomists who have gone straight onto GLGM have quickly got to grips with it, liking the accessibility of data wherever they are, such as using the iOS app offline in the field. As always with new technology, people want more. With the constant updates to the system, it is getting more powerful with every month that goes by.

A number of Hutchinsons’ agronomists already have customers subscribed to GLGM and the feedback has been really positive. The reduced admin of getting plans to the customer and also the feedback of application dates to the agronomist have been very well received.

“It is early days for GLGM but we are already seeing benefits that would not have been possible with previous systems. As a business we are now able to identify training needs better from the use statistics, this has allowed us to target appropriate levels of training to different groups of people. Another benefit that will come in the near future is to link GLGM up to our own product ordering system, this will further improve the efficient use of time from making a spray plan through to delivery of the product.”

Lewis McKerrow, Digital Farming Manager, Hutchinsons

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