Are floating farms the future?

With the world’s urban population expected to rise to 68% by 2050, questions are being raised about how we’re going to feed our cities. Dutch company Beladon have come up with an innovative solution to build a floating dairy farm in the Merwehaven harbour in Rotterdam.

This farm will be home to 40 cows producing an estimated 800 litres of milk each day. Once up and running the milk will be pasteurised on site before being sold in Rotterdam. The cows will be fed on duckweed, grown using vertical growing platforms and LED light, as well as discarded grain from local breweries. Waste that would have otherwise ended up in landfill will now have a use.

Co-owners of Beladon, Peter and Minke van Wingerden, say that “healthy, sufficient food production is key to a better, cleaner and safer world” and encourage others to develop similar concepts as alternatives for current food production methods.

Who knows what our dairy farms could look like in the future!

By Hannah Fishwick | Account Manager

Published: 31st August 2018

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