Australian first for food safety and quality management

Muddy Boots Software has announced the only cloud-based Food Safety and Quality Management software to carry the HACCP certification mark , assuring the integrity and fail-safe characteristics of the Greenlight Quality Control solution for use in food businesses that operate a HACCP-based food safety programme.

Director of HACCP International Clive Withinshaw commented “Muddy Boots’ Greenlight Quality Control impressed our evaluation team with its ability to handle complex food safety system requirements within a simple, user-friendly interface. The system encourages and supports operators to perform their tasks properly, and provides all the information that quality and food safety managers need in a secure and easy-to-access format.”

The Muddy Boots solution is designed to simplify the complexities of managing safe food, product quality and compliance across entire operations. Traceability and transparency are at the centre of the Muddy Boots’ technology. With globalisation and the increasing difficulties facing food supply chains, the importance of managing risks with speed and accuracy will only continue to grow.

The Muddy Boots solution is a single data-set presented in real-time, delivering a clear picture of processes, critical control points and inefficiencies across operations, and the ability to facilitate seamless two-way communication flow between each member of the chain. The enhanced visibility enables prompt decisions to be made based on accurate and up to the minute information, and assists in identifying and responding to problems more quickly.

Muddy Boots Software is already in use by top tier brand holders, retailers and suppliers across the globe capturing millions of checks on product quality and facilities. Working with their customers, Muddy Boots identified a need for a single automated system to help optimise the management of the necessary requirements to produce safe, legal and high-quality food products.

“Muddy Boots is food industry focussed. Our solution helps food manufacturers streamline day-to-day tasks so they can focus on what they do best. For instance, tasks can be scheduled for a given time or frequency and operators can be prompted to carry out these tasks,” explains Jason Considine, General Manager of Muddy Boots Software Australia and New Zealand.

“Automatic alerts are sent to supervisors and managers on their mobile phones whenever inefficiencies occur, such as an incorrectly performed task, missed checks or failed measurements, allowing quick response and management of hazards before they become more damaging.”

Jason continues “The software is configured for site-specific requirements and cost-effective implementation, and can be easily maintained in-house.”

HACCP quality control certification


The solution is integrated with a number of third-party technologies including cold chain management, planning solutions, barcode scanners, temperature probes and business intelligence analytics.


Should a non-conformance arise, the robust and closed-loop Corrective Actions Manager can be used to immediately raise a corrective action, right from the location it occurred. Responsibility can be automatically assigned to a team member and photographs attached as evidence. Each corrective action is automatically tracked to closure generating an historical record.

Karen Constable Technical Manager HACCP International explains “Muddy Boots’ is suitable for food manufacturing and food handling operations across Australasia, the system features ‘fail-safe’ characteristics, data integrity features and record verification functions, with an excellent corrective actions manager.”


In the background, advanced reporting capabilities aggregate data providing insights into the performance of the company’s sites and processes, products, suppliers and people. A powerful tool for managers to perform benchmarking, prepare for audits, identify where problems are occurring, recognise trends and profile performance over time, something you can’t do with clipboards and paper.

By Tracey Kelly-Jenkins | Sales and Marketing Australia & NZ

Published: 20th July 2018

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