Greenlight Quality Control adds Multi-Check capability

Quality Control launches new way to check incoming goods – with 16% productivity efficiency savings. 

In Greenlight Quality Control we wanted to find a way to make it easy for quality inspectors to quickly check lots of pallets within a single shipment, whilst still being able to see and compare all the checks together. That’s why we’ve started supporting Multicheck in our new mobile app – Greenlight Quality Control 2. 

Multicheck allows inspectors to capture shipment information (e.g. container number, supplier, arrival date) once, then create a new sub-check for each pallet that they want to inspect within that shipment. Each child check has all the core Quality Control functionality that we offer on all our checks, like PDF guidance, comments, corrective actions and the ability to take and attach pictures. 

Customers who have used Multicheck functionality in earlier versions of QC have found time savings of 16%* - in comparison to starting individual checks each time. When conducting thousands of checks, this can easily add up to thousands of person-hours and tens of thousands of pounds saved every year. Other benefits include: 

      1.  Better quality coverage by using the saved hours to check more product. 
      2.  Reduce fulfilment times and storage space by pushing product through your process faster. 
      3.  Be alerted to issues quicker and respond before they escalate. 
      4.  Inspectors can easily see patterns and common issues in a shipment. 
      5.  Increased data quality through more accurate data entry. 


Our new Multicheck functionality is also flexible and can be used in a variety of situations:

      1.  Checking a shipment of one type of product, from different growers and varieties. 
      2.  Checking a shipment of lots of different products from one supplier.
      3.  On-line checks – Repeated hourly label checks throughout a product run.  
      4.  Production runs

Greenlight Quality Control 2 is now available on the App Store for iOSAndroid Play Store and on Windows devices. 

If you’re interested in trialling Multicheck on Greenlight QC then contact your account manager or 

*Time savings identified by a key customer using Multicheck on QC Windows client. 


By Mark Phelps | Head of Marketing

Published: 19th December 2019

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