Keep on top of managing your accreditations

A recent article by The Grocer discusses the increase in the use of accreditation and labelling within food production. Accreditation provides consumers with more insight to the environmental and ethical standards met in the production process of the food they buy.


Despite providing consumers and producers with more sustainable choices, (an estimated 400 eco-labels are used around the world in food production) this in turn can lead to more confusion with an overwhelming level of information. In a bid to simplify the process, Red Tractor recently released plans to expand their standards to cover more areas in an attempt to provide producers with a single source for accreditations.


As a supplier it can be difficult to ensure producer’s certifications are kept up to date resulting in a large administrative burden. Greenlight Supplier Approval helps to alleviate this strain by inviting suppliers to manage and upload their own due diligence information. Automatic alerts notify any impending certification expirations/expiries to ensure due diligence is always up-to-date.


To find out more about Greenlight Supplier Approval download a brochure.


By Hannah Fishwick | Account Manager

Published: 17th October 2018

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