Muddy Boots joins Forces with Sensitech

In 2017, we launched our first global strategic partnership with Sensitech, who are world leaders in cold supply-chain tracking in food and pharmaceuticals transportation. 

When goods are in transit, Sensitech provides the monitors that track the temperature inside their customers’ trucks and containers. Here at Muddy Boots Software, we bookend that monitoring process and capture this data to determine whether the produce our customers are waiting to receive is going to be of the high quality they require. It gives Quality Control inspectors real-time notifications if any temperature abuse has occurred throughout the shipment, and a clear plan to mitigate any risks the shipment is subject to.

Prior to our partnership, we were both trying to address the same issues; reducing waste in stores,improving shelf-life and delivering to the end customers a superior product. The opportunity and synergies between the two companies quickly became apparent therefore and together we have moved forward to address some of the key challenges around quality, waste and unnecessary costs our customers face.


We have since become the first in the world to offer a service that combines cool-chain monitoring and a quality management solution wrapper. Now customers receive real-time information about their goods in transit, giving them the ability to make instant decisions, reduce the risk of incurring in-transit damage, as well as build long-term strategies around suppliers and logistics.

Jack Evans, Muddy Boots’ Head of Commercial, comments “As technology and services evolve it’s clear that no single business can provide all the answers or meet a customer’s wide-ranging and complex requirements. Business collaboration and cross-platform integration is going to be key to any long-term successful technology business. Muddy Boots’ partnership with Sensitech and our integration with the Global G.A.P. solution are two great examples of what this will need to look like going forward.”

By Mark Phelps | Head of Marketing

Published: 25th September 2019

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