New Mapping capability in Greenlight Supplier Approval

We’re really pleased to announce we’ve redeveloped our mapping feature in Greenlight Supplier Approval!


What you liked, we kept

The concept remains the same – you’re able to view your site and product information overlaid on a world map. Great for analysis, interrogation, supply chain optimisation and presentation to stakeholders – no change there we’re pleased to say.

What’s new & improved?

Pretty much everything! We redeveloped the map using a new tool set which means that;

  1.  Much more data is available – so you can gain even more insight on your suppliers and how they relate to your business and each other.
  2.  Using it is way simpler – so you’re much more likely to get to the data you need, faster and easier.
  3.  Performance is whole heap better – you should have enough time to sip your tea but not enough to make one!


For a full guide on how to get the most from the new mapping feature you can view our video here.

Why change?

We were already pushing the technology we had to its limits, so we bit the bullet and invested in a new tool that gives us much greater performance and potential to bring better geospatial and relational insight to our users.

Hopefully we’ve cracked it but we are all ears for your feedback, please leave any you’d like here.

Many Thanks

The Muddy Boots Team

By Mark Phelps | Head of Marketing

Published: 30th October 2019

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