Pesticide residue found in over 2% of UK fresh food

Farming using pesticides

The annual Pesticide Residue in Food report analyses samples of fruit and veg to monitor pesticide content. Checks are performed to ensure food is meeting guidelines and pesticides are being used responsibly.

The results of the 2017 report found that just over 2% of the fresh food sampled from the UK had pesticide residue levels above the MRL (maximum residue level). Whilst this is better than food sourced from outside of the UK, where over 4% of the samples were above MRL, it highlights the importance of suppliers and retailers being able to monitor pesticide usage and track their supply chain.

Improvements in technology now allows lower residue levels to be detected. Samples which contain a residue are investigated by the Health and Safety Executive for any risks to consumer health. Dr Paul Brantom, chairman of the Expert Committee on Pesticide Residues in Food, assures that “even where food contains a residue above the MRL, there is very rarely any risk to the health of people who have eaten the food.”

Here at Muddy Boots we provide software solutions that make viewing food supply chains simple. Our software solution, Greenlight Supplier Approval, enables supply chains to be created and approved. This is provided in a central cloud-based location for compliance documentation, in turn demonstrating compliance and mitigating risk.

An additional module of Greenlight Supplier Approval, Pesticide Manager, allows users to monitor proposed pesticide usage, improving the transparency of their entire supply network. This can be approved or declined based on legal approvals and custom pesticide policies.

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By Hannah Fishwick | Account Manager

Published: 1st August 2018

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