Recognising natural beauty with Algorithms

It's no secret that we at Muddy Boots HQ are fortunate enough to work in a pretty special part of the world. Now, researchers at University of Warwick are developing a form of artificial intelligence designed to recognise natural beauty. The objective being that in time, the tool could be used to aid planning and protect beauty spots.

To do this, they focused the algorithm on 200,000 images rated by people on the website ScenicOrNot, which has images of scenes that cover 95% of Great Britain.

The algorithm was able to recognise the difference between countryside landscapes and pictures of derelict buildings and rate them accordingly with the most beautiful scenes scoring ten.

The researchers say that their algorithm could be useful as a tool to aid planning and preservation of beauty spots.

It's interesting to think about where this technology could go. Could it one day be adapted to identify what is an acceptable level of visual quality in fresh produce?

By Becky Loader | Marketing Executive

Published: 8th August 2017

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