The good, the bad and the ERP

We regularly get asked what makes Greenlight Quality Control different to just a standard ERP system? It's simple really - Greenlight Quality Control is in a league of its own.

Quality ControlIn a world where food quality impacts safety, waste and reputation, the concept of ‘quality control’ has evolved.  ERP systems aren’t capable of providing the insight required to spot issues in your supply chain in real time; they aren’t flexible or agile enough to deal with changes in specification, or to communicate with all stakeholders at the point required; they don’t give you insight into the overall performance of your products so you are unable to spot trends or identify consistently poor performing suppliers.

Learn here from UNIVEG about some of the benefits of using a more robust system to manage quality……..

By Jeff Goulding | Senior Business Development Manager

Published: 11th April 2017

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