The importance of supply chain transparency

Now more than ever, supply chain transparency is gaining currency, largely thanks to increasing consumer demand and recent high profile food scares. But what role does greater transparency play in waste reduction?

By connecting all members of a supply chain together from grower to retailer, and having the ability to easily access, update and share important information relating to the product, food businesses are able to align their offer to the specific requirements of the customer. Any issues can be identified early on, before the produce has been shipped and costs have been incurred. This early warning system allows the end customer to find an alternative source of supply, and enables the supplier to try and identify a new customer with a lower specification.

Collaboration across the supply chain is critical in order to achieve total transparency from grower to retailer.

Our Greenlight Quality Control software does just this, focusing on the entire food journey. Control is added to the system by managing the harvest and aligning the forecast output to projected demand and current sales orders. This reduces unnecessary harvest and transport costs, easing the pressure on factory intake and processing resources. Integrating information on these often disjointed processes provides improved visibility of the data and key performance elements that are likely to impact the production and delivery processes for all users at all stages. It gives the team total confidence that the dispatched product is ‘fit for purpose’ and all assurances that incidences of product rejection or recall, which can result in significant cost and wastage, have been mitigated. To find out more about Greenlight Quality Control click here.

By Jack Evans | Head of Commercial

Published: 18th June 2018

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