Tired of waiting in supermarket checkout queues? Co-op may have the answer

mobile technology

Image: Co-operative

A recent study conducted by Visa found that around 89% British consumers have left a shop or business as a result of long or excessive queues. With food retailer store environments becoming more crowded and competitive, retailers are having to be more innovative than ever in their processes and operations in order to set them apart from the crowd.

Co-op are one of the latest retailers to adopt in-store technology aimed at providing customers with a ‘frictionless shopping experience’ by rolling out to a smart phone app that lets them scan and pay for products with their mobile device whilst they move around the store, thereby eliminating the need for them to visit a checkout till. Following a successful store pilot in Manchester, the new initiative will be rolled out to other stores in the summer.

Matthew Speight, Director of Retail Support at Co-op said that the company have seen a decline in cash transactions by more than a fifth over the past five as a result of consumers favouring alternative electronic payments. “It’s a challenging market place for retailers, and the Co-op is responding positively. Our ambition is to harness technology to deliver the shopping experience that our diverse customer-base requires – when, where and how they need it”.

By George Craig | Junior Marketing Executive

Published: 14th March 2018

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