We’re moving services to Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure, cloud storage

In the 12 years we’ve been providing cloud services, the industry has changed significantly and infrastructure service providers have significantly improved their offers to the market space.

As we continue to grow our platform and the amount of data that we capture, store and analyse, we’ve been looking to the future and how we optimise our hosted platform in order to continue providing our customers and users with the right level of availability, uptime and resilience, at a competitive price.

As a result and to support our growth and ambitions in data services, Muddy Boots Software will increasingly make use of Microsoft Azure cloud services. Core or sensitive data such as personally identifiable information will continue to be hosted in Muddy Boots’s own cloud. However, some data such as attachments and photo’s (which makes up 80% of our storage requirements) will be moved to Azure over the coming months. Customers and users will see little or no impact to service provision.

Additionally, platform enhancements such as improved security and login, data integration, access via API’s or enhancements to reporting, will all make use of Azure applications and services to further improve our offer. Our intention is to improve performance by investing in technologies/ platforms that offer scalable capacity and improved monitoring, and we can assure customers that the data is as safe in the Microsoft cloud as it is in our own environment remaining GDPR compliant.

To this end, we’ve elected to use datacentres in the UK (for European and Rest of World customers) and the USA (for American customers) and we may expand this footprint as we increase our customer base in different territories.

By Jez Pile | Chief Technical Officer

Published: 5th June 2018

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