With great data comes great power

We have recently launched our new data discovery and analytics tool, Insights. This brand new, innovative functionality enables our clients to unlock the true value of their data, through fast analytics and smart dashboards, allowing visualisation and analysis of data in just a few clicks.

With such vast amounts of data captured daily, it is a fundamental requirement that clients are provided with a fluid and flexible analytics tool to help swiftly answer questions they have surrounding their business. 

Insights allows any data set to be analysed instantly, via Tableau, and its market-leading data visualisation capabilities makes for clear and concise interpretation; therefore, enabling data-driven business decisions to be made upon the results. Not only does Insights provide the foundation for these decisions, but it also promotes control and management of data, enabling automatic alerts when anything falls outside of preset parameters. 

With continuous use of Insights, it will enable trends or seasonal issues to be spotted immediately and allow the user to subsequently be more responsive when issues arise - eventually saving time, money and reputation. 


The system will dramatically increase efficiencies within your business, as experienced by our client, Worldwide Fruit. The award-winning international fruit marketing and distribution company saw their reporting time drop by 60 hours each month after successfully implementing insights. 

It also helped them to significantly decrease their volume of rejections from 40% to an outstanding 5%, simply by identifying their worst performing suppliers. You can read more about our journey with Worldwide Fruit here

Overall, the benefits of using Insights are unquestionable. The ability to highlight trends and issues to make informed decisions about supply chain and products in ever-changing markets, whilst considering customer-specific demands is vital. Without systems such as Insights in place, the process of supply chain management is lengthy, unwieldy and resource-hungry.

If you would like to discuss how Insights could be used within your business, please contact a member of our team here.


By Mark Phelps | Head of Marketing

Published: 23rd August 2019

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