Greenlight Grower Management

Manage the whole farm in the palm of your hand

Grower Management Greenlight

Optimise yield, reduce risk and save time and money

Greenlight Grower Management is a cloud-based program that enables farmers and agronomists to access, update and share field and crop data plans and records in real time. We understand the reliance that modern farms and agri-businesses have on instant access to data anywhere, anytime. So whether you’re in the field or at your desk:

  • Greenlight Grower Management allows you to create ag-chem and fertiliser plans, review applications and activities, share crop and field records and view soil test data to ensure your crops meet your customers’ growing protocols and quality requirements.
  • To enhance the standard features in Greenlight Grower Management, choose from a range of additional modules like weather, soil zones and precision farming to enhance your productivity levels even further.
  • Whether on or offline, Greenlight Grower Management's mobile app gives you the freedom to work anywhere, safe in the knowledge that the system will keep pace with your working day.

NEW Muddy Boots Insights

Visualise and analyse your data in just a few clicks. 

Insights is our data discovery and analytics tool, powered by Tableau, that allows you to unlock the true value of your data through fast analytics and smart dashboards. For multiple site operations with complex reporting needs, it allows you to visualise and analyse your data in just a few clicks.  

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What’s the benefit?

Optimise yield, reduce risk, save time and money. Having access to your farm’s business critical data on the go, allows you to make fully informed decisions and take immediate action should critical crop issues arise.

Improve the overall performance of the farm. Greenlight Grower Management connects farmers, agronomists and contractors, by providing them all with the plans, reports and data which helps inform and direct their activity, whilst out in the field.

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