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Reduce waste, increase efficiency and mitigate risk

Greenlight Quality Control allows you to centrally configure and manage product and process assessments, carry out checks and report on performance, helping to drive accuracy and consistency across your business. Whether checking at arrival, through to dispatch or even in store, Greenlight Quality Control allows users to access the latest checking standards, capture their findings (along with supporting attachments and photos) and have this all immediately visible to you and your stakeholders.

  • Reports can be created based on user, product, supplier or site permissions and automated for distribution to both internal and external stakeholders significantly reducing the administrative burden on internal teams and freeing them up to spend more time on product checks.
  • Escalation paths can be created to drive alignment to your quality agenda and ensure the timely resolution of issues, allowing teams to work by exception and to act on the data.
  • The software also has the ability to integrate with ERP, warehouse management systems and quality recording devices like temperature probes or weigh-scales.


Muddy Boots Insights

Visualise and analyse your data in just a few clicks. 

Insights is our data discovery and analytics tool, powered by Tableau, that allows you to unlock the true value of your data through fast analytics and smart dashboards. It allows you to visualise and analyse your data in just a few clicks.  


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What’s the benefit?

Reduce waste, increase efficiency and mitigate risk. Powerful reporting gives you absolute visibility and insight into the performance of your supply chain, highlighting areas for improvement which are achieved through working closely with suppliers and internal teams.

Alignment with your customer helps you to win business. Ensuring a product of consistently high quality and low cost will help improve the offer to your customer beyond that of your competitors, helping to underpin their confidence in your business and product.

Case studies

1,100 Assessments Completed Every Day using Greenlight Quality Control

1,100 assessments completed every day

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50% reduction in time spent on label checks

50% reduction in time spent on label checks

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Muddy Boots wins the Coles I.T. Vendor of the Year Award

Winner - I.T. vendor of the year

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Greencell gives the green light to Muddy Boots

Reducing customer complaints

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Cutting intake rejection rate by 50%

Cutting intake rejection rate by 50%

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Reduced rejections, enhanced reputation & a stronger bottom line

Reduced rejections & stronger bottom line

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Holman Fresh Monitors Product Consistency with Greenlight Quality Control

Ensuring product consistency

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Morrisons implements Manufacturing Quality Control Software

Real-time decision making

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UNIVEG gets Greenlight for supply chain efficiency

Greenlight for supply chain efficiency

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Waitrose simplifies quality management with our iPhone and iPad app

Simplifying quality with mobile apps

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New technology means the coast is clear for Coastal Avocados

Guaranteeing top grade fruit

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Shelf life leads to consumer satisfaction

Increasing consumer satisfaction

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Australian supplier using Muddy Boots technology reduces rejections to 0.5%

Reducing rejections to 0.5%

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