Greenlight Supplier Approval

Ensure your supply chain is always approved to supply

Supplier Approval Greenlight

Reduce cost, improve efficiencies and effectively manage risk

Greenlight Supplier Approval is a cloud-based program that gives businesses total visibility of who is in their supply chain. Mapped in an interactive ‘family tree’, you can see exactly where your products are coming from and whether they are from an approved supplier, in just a few clicks.

  • Managing your due diligence documentation has never been easier. Reduce the admin burden on your internal teams by inviting your suppliers to upload and manage their own due diligence documentation in line with your requirements.
  • Automatically validate due diligence documentation against global databases and get system generated alerts to notify you of any impending expiry dates or status changes. This provides total confidence that every consignment will meet customer specific protocols.
  • Pesticide Manager is an optional module that allows you to track and trend the use of pesticides in your products. Suppliers can upload their PPU’s (which are automatically validated against embedded protocols in the system), allowing you to mitigate risk and to demonstrate compliance with the specific pesticide requirements of the end customer.


Muddy Boots Pesticide Manager

Take control of the pesticide usage within your supply chain.

Pesticide Manager is our simple yet rigorous, online PPU (Proposed Pesticide Usage) management system that links to the Fera and Homologa databases to provide the industry standard platform for your PPU's approval process. 

What’s the benefit?

Mitigate risk. With access to real time data, you can be confident that your supply chain is behaving exactly as it should and the product is coming from a supplier that meets your compliance protocols.

Reduce cost, improve efficiencies and ensure alignment by enabling all levels of your supply chain to work collaboratively and take accountability for their own due diligence documentation. You benefit as the administrative burden of managing due diligence is removed.

Case studies

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Working in the most efficient way

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Easily and efficiently manage compliance data with Greenlight Supplier Approval

Easily and efficiently manage compliance data

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Orchard House improves supply chain visibility

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Graze's supply chain management enhanced using Greenlight Supplier Approval

Supply chain management enhanced using Greenlight Supplier Approval

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